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  • Hort Leddy

    Hort was murdered at his own wedding (to [[:nala-whitegrass | Nala Whitegrass]]) by ant people in the invasion of the Ant Queen. His head was stolen and incorporated into [[:samhain | Samhain]].

  • Samhain

    Also known as the corpse harvester. An abomination of fused corpses slain by the Heroes of Portnelle.

  • Brandolyn Dragontear

    Namesake of the extremely valuable "Brandolyn Red" wine. Had an affair with Lotrin Whitegrass while married to Gage Vintner. Went missing many years ago and her remains have never been recovered (and are sought by Lotrin).

  • Frezzo Leddy

    Deceased brother of [[:hort-leddy | Hort Leddy]]. Casualty in the battle with [[:samhain | Samhain]], after the invasion of the ant queen.

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